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I'm Scott Simpson, a Canadian broadcaster who grew up near Toronto, Ontario and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2005.

I became a wrestling fan in 1986 around the time of Wrestlemania 2 and have been a fan to varying degrees ever since. I write at here about my fandom, from the beginning until now.

Maple Leaf Gardens was a holy place for a wrestling fan in the mid-to-late 1980s. I also watched action in Newmarket, Ontario. Later I got more involved in the wrestling business with independent promotions in Ontario, including Whipper Watson, Jr.'s Teen Pro Wrestling and Midget Mania, plus a late-1990s promotion called Renegade Wrestling Alliance (RWA) run by Steve 'Hart' Buckley.

I'll be telling the story with lots of original full-colour pictures. My dad took many of them. I took many more.

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You can email me, Scott Simpson, with questions, comments, offers, or your own 1980s and 1990s Toronto Wrestling memories.

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  1. Scott, these pictures truly brought back memories of my dad taking my brothers and I to watch wrastlin'back in the day!Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow what a nice idea posting these memories. I had the same experience in the DC area (Capital Centre, DC Armory, Baltimore Arena), started Feb 1985, so I hear ya


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