Why Toronto Wrestling Photos Blog?

Plenty of kids started watching wrestling when Hulkamania started running wild in the mid-1980s. The Rock 'n Wrestling Connection took professional wrestling to the mainstream. The difference was, I never really got away from it.

I jumped on the bandwagon, but as the novelty faded for most of the new fans, I stuck with it.

Me as a mark in 1986: WWF hat, Roddy Piper sweatshirt, sign deriding Don Muraco and cheering Piper, and acne.

I got connected with a trainer and promoter in suburban Newmarket, Ontario and did some work behind the scenes. I learned a bit in the ring. I did play-by-play on some TV. I refereed midget wrestling. After years of being just a fan, I got to see the other side.

Eventually, I stepped away for a while. I went to university. The Internet came along. Girls discovered me.

But then I saw a poster on a utility pole with the name of one of my former training partners from years earlier. I got in touch with the promoters. They got me on the show and I was back in the game for several more years.

Now I'm married and soon to be a father. I go to the local indie shows when I can. If I can get free tickets to the WWE, I'll go. But mostly I just watch stuff related to the old days -- 1980s mostly.

I was going through some photo albums in late 2012 and realized I have an awful lot of wrestling pictures from Maple Leaf Gardens, photos from WWF shows in Newmarket, Ontario, plus unseen shots from Phil Watson's Teen Pro Wrestling and Midget Mania. Photos from the Renegade Wrestling Alliance and other indie stars at the Rings 'n Ears shows at Toronto's Opera house. And even though photo quality declined once I gave up 35mm SLR shooting, I had pics from other indie shows, including some from my new home in Halifax.

From the early days of my dad taking me to MLG to see Rowdy Roddy Piper walk up that famous ramp, to my own small-time stardom as Doctor Love, to rediscovering the fun of a small show -- I have it all in pictures. Why not share that joy with the world.

That's what this blog is for. Please share your memories as I share mine!

And if any promoters or talent would care to have me ringside to capture some more memories -- please, just ask.

* Definition of "Mark" in wrestling: One who pays to watch professional wrestling. Also, those who are unaware that it is scripted or are devoted and biased in opinion towards a particular wrestler or promotion. A fan.

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